Circle is reimagining cybersecurity. Using a unique next-gen architecture Circle secures identity, data and privacy for third-party applications using one unified API.   Our first two areas of featured functionality are the following.

Credential-free Authentication

  • Zero trust authentication that is cryptographically fused to your device and requires no passwords, usernames or any credentials.
  • Eliminate phishing and any other threats from stolen or lost credentials.
  • Works across browsers, devices and contexts!
  • When you need it, add our breakthrough Circle of Trust™ Human-in-the-loop™ identity verification + authentication.

Secure, Private Digital Capsules

  • Keep your user’s data private and secure on their device and in your control.
  • Or give your users unrivaled security, privacy and control of their data – on their devices, in transit and in the Cloud!
  • For credential-free authentication, we store secrets & policies in them.
  • Circle Capsules can contain anything – files, databases, unstructured data.   Your imagination is the only limit!

Below are two demos that demonstrate the power of Circle in these areas.   As we build out more demos and integrations, we will add them here.

Credential-free Authentication + Circle of Trust

A demonstration of:

  1. credential-free authentication powered by an integrated solution of Circle and Auth0;
  2. escalation to Circle of Trust human-in-the-loop distributed identity verification + authentication.

It is a single application page that uses Node.js/Express for the backend and HTML with JS for the frontend. Circle Service (Circle REST API) handles the entire authentication process and securely stores the access/refresh token.  Before trying the demo, please see:

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Credential-free Authentication

The demo application performs the following functions:

  • check if the Circle Service is running and connects to it;
  • check if an Auth0 Refresh Token is stored in Circle Service and perform the login process by requesting the Access Token from Auth0;  or 
  • redirects the user on the first login and store the Refresh Token securely;
  • display the authenticated user information (via JWT).

Circle of Trust

When triggered using the Reauthentication option, the demo application performs the following functions:
  1.  Circle Service locks the Secure Capsule; 
  2. sends two codes via separate channels (email and SMS) as set by the demo user in the demo admin panel to the person that will authenticate the demo user that has been locked;
  3. when the demo user receives and inputs the authentication codes from the person to whom they were sent, Circle Service unlocks the Secure Capsule.

Secure File Sharing

A demonstration of secure exchange of data between users and devices with zero attack surface in the cloud.  For a detailed explanation of how the demo works with screen prints, code samples and explanations and more, please see:

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What this Demo Shows

Distributed Multi-factor Cryptographic Authentication

Just send an invitation ID + authorization code to anyone you want to communicate and share files with securely, and Circle does the rest in seconds! Our out-of-band peer-to-peer invitation creates symmetric AES 256 keys on each device via asymmetric public key cryptography. There is no central certificate authority or user and credentials database which can be attacked.

Private User Groups

Circle enables the creation of private groups consisting of users or devices which are uniquely authenticated using Circle’s patented out-of-band P2P invitation process. These groups possess the AES 256 key to decrypt the communications and data exchanged among them. Even user data – and metadata – is encrypted. This means NOBODY – not even Circle, the company – has access or visibility into the data exchanged among these groups.

Secure Digital Capsules

Circle creates and stores data inside of an AES 256 encrypted secure digital capsule on the end user’s device. The capsule is backed up as an inert data blob on the cloud, assuring recovery and protection against all manner of device mishaps and malicious attacks (e.g. ransomware).

One fantastic use case for this is to give users privacy and control of their data. But Web Application Developers can also think of and use this as secure client side storage for anything – files, structured and unstructured data, objects, etc. The data you are storing for your user – always totally private and secure – will persist across all browsers and can also be synched to all devices of the end user.

What is Circle Service?

A lightweight, install 1x and forget service that  powers the on-device capabilities for Circle’s breakthrough Zero Trust, hybrid cloud + P2P security architecture

Circle Service

Lightweight Thin Client - install & forget

  • AES 256 Encryption
  • Key Management
  • Invite + Authentication
  • Circle Secure Capsules

Keys Bound to the Device

  • Bound to device keychain / Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Questions? Ideas?

We want to hear them – please, contact us! We want to learn and support the many ways that Circle can enable application developers to provide unrivaled protection of identity, data, and privacy for their users in the connected world we live in.